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CML Pro Performance

CML Pro’s Top Picks portfolio has outperformed the market for over half a decade* with an unwavering investing philosophy. We believe the best path for finding investment opportunities is to: (1) Identify a booming trend; (2) Understand what is changing and what is not changing; (3) Identify whether there is an underappreciation of those changes; and (4) Invest in assets that address that underappreciation for 3-5+ years while continually monitoring the business performance to ensure it is still on track.

That’s where we find our edge. That’s where you profit.

Stock prices can (and do) fluctuate, but the best strategy we know for building long-term wealth is to hold quality companies that address underappreciated thematics.

*As of December 31, 2021, double third-party verification. Verification performed by award winning audit firm Krost CPAs and performance analysis provided by HC Global Fund Services.

Spot trends early

CML Pro’s experts meticulously comb the market for companies that address world changing trends that will occur, irrespective of recessions, booms and busts, interest rates, even wars.

Recognizing underappreciated trends and the companies that drive them far before Wall Street does is the recipe for our success, and we hope you’ll allow it to be the recipe for yours.

up 411%

up 427%

up 1,971%

Early recognition means more time for you to build your position.

We find companies early so that you can build your portfolio position before the rest of the world catches on.

Companies like:

Shopify: Added as a Top Pick March 2017 with an 411% return*

Livongo: Added in March 2020 with an 427% return*


Nvidia: Added in January 2016 with an 1,971% return**

* CML Pro Portfolio position now closed.

** CML Pro Portfolio position still open (return as of May 22, 2022).

More than just stock picks

This isn’t just another stock picking service. Our research sits next to other institutions on both Refinitiv and Factset terminals and is consumed by major fund managers. Our experts have been quoted, and have written for, financial news titans like Barron’s, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, MarketWatch, and more.

With CML Pro, you’re not alone.

This isn’t just a one and done research service.

Top Picks Portfolio

Access to our double third party verified Top Picks list. Our active picks are continually monitored for changes in the business with quarterly reviews.

Live Webinars

We host live webinars to discuss company and market trends. That includes a live Q&A session where you have personal access to our lead researcher.

CML Community

Investing is hard. CML’s community platform is a space to learn and share with other investors and traders and gives you continuous access to the CML team. Community provides a compassionate space for all levels of investors.

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If Ophir Gottlieb and/or  CML  didn’t write about it, I don’t own it. The value proposition of a subscription is huge

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